About Wild Pup Adventure


Our Philosophy

Wild Pup Adventure is a values-driven small, woman-owned, vegan business. It is absolutely joyful and fulfilling to bring happiness to dogs and their families by taking dogs on hiking, swimming, and running adventures. We believe that a tired dog is a good and happy dog. Exercise relieves anxiety, keeps pets healthy mentally and physically, and helps to manage and prevent a number of behavioral issues. Many people work long hours and struggle during the work-week to provide adequate exercise for their pets. We help our clients by taking this responsibility off their shoulders so that they can feel guilt-free and balanced. Each dog in our pack is treated as an individual, with unique preferences and personalities. The human pack leaders, Toby and Emilie, treat each and every dog as their own.


We do all that we can to ensure our clients are happy, healthy, and safe. WPA maximizes your dog’s experience by making sure each participant is a good fit for our services prior to taking him or her on an outing. Owners are required to submit health and emergency information in order to be accepted. Our new clients quickly become weekly adventurers and receive a discount. This commitment ensures that "the pack" gets along well and gives us the ability to maximize your and your dog's experiences. All clients receive a summary and access to our photo albums after each adventure. The dogs are in good hands: Toby is a Wilderness First Responder and is Pet First Aid certified. WPA is licensed, bonded, and insured through Pet Sitters Associates.


The times for our services are an approximate, typically beginning at 11am, because we pick up and drop off our clients at various locations and the pace we set during our activities are based on the needs of the pack. We transport our clients in our company SUV. The pack leaders are available to families via phone and text so long as we are within cell range. We charge clients after each adventure using our client portal, where your personal information is encrypted. Our prices for weekly adventures are $59-65 and we offer discounts for pre-paid packages.

About Toby and Pup


Pup, the inspiration behind WPA

Pup’s last, life-changing gift, was inspiring Toby to bring joy, freedom, and adventures in nature to other dogs

Pup is the inspiration behind Wild Pup Adventure. Toby found Pup on the streets of Baltimore 14 years ago and they were inseparable ever since, traveling all over North America together and doing as much as possible as a team on a daily basis. For instance, Pup used to commute to work with Toby by running next to her bike and then spent the day at the office.

Together, they backpacked some of our country's most beautiful natural places, spending months together in tents on top of mountains, and traveling in camper-vans and trailers. They also spent months exploring the wilderness surrounding Portland. One memorable local experience was climbing Mt. Adams together when Pup was 13 years old. At age 14, when Pup was given 5 months to live, after being diagnosed with lymphoma, Toby changed her career path so that she could spend every last minute with her.

Toby has a professional background in spiritual and ethics education and the administration of non-profits and schools. She has undergraduate degrees in Philosophy, Gender Studies, Psychology. She has two Masters Degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies as well as other certifications in various areas of interest to her. After 15 years working in those sectors, she made the decision to do something entirely new, joyful, fulfilling and peaceful. Toby is also a Wilderness First Responder, certified in animal First Aid and CPR, and is an Animal Reiki Practitioner.

After the transition, every day became a fun adventure! Pup passed away in July 2016 and is forever in Toby's heart. WPA was Pup's last gift to Toby. Through Wild Pup Adventure, she combines a few of her passions: dogs, nature, and exercise. Toby's new rescue dog, named Raven, has joined the team, going on adventures every day with friends.

Emily with Family.jpg

Emilie, Pack-Leader

Doing the work of her dreams…

About Emilie

Emilie has been working with dogs for over five years, as both a doggie-day care handler and as an off-leash dog hiker. She graduated in May with a Bachelors of Science in Neuropsychology from University of California, San Diego, but knew for a long time that she wanted to work with dogs permanently. When she first started working with dogs she only had one of her own, and now she has four, which shows her love and devotion to them. Her dogs are her entire life and heart so almost everything she does, she does with them in mind. Emilie and her partner of over 8 years are new to Portland, and they are still in amazement of how beautiful Oregon is. In their free time, you will find them exploring Mount Hood National Forest with their pack. She is so grateful to be working with Wild Pup Adventure, it's her dream come true! She adores all of the Wild Pups as her own, and loves working with them and their families.