Urban Mushing/ Running

Some dogs love to run. Hard. They need it to feel healthy and balanced. Our clients run and jog next to our sturdy, low-clearance recumbent trike bike on Portland's beautiful bike and pedestrian paths so that they can get the exercise they need. This is the most high-intensity activity we offer and all dogs come home ready for a long nap. Those who participate must do well with voice commands so that all participants stay safe. Many dogs start off doing this activity alone until we know their particular needs and see that they've learned a few special commands. For group runs, we only take up to three experienced dogs at a time. We cater to our clients and make sure everyone has adequate rest/bathroom breaks and water.


Dogs love to hike! Sniffing all the scents, meeting other dogs and people, exploring new places... it's a dog's dream-come-true! We take our clients to the best dog-friendly hiking trails that Portland and The Gorge have to offer! Our local hikes are within a 30-minute drive from Portland. Our Gorge hikes are within 1.5hrs drive. Our Gorge hikes must have a minimum of two participants per trip. 

Swimming & Fetching

Water-loving dogs can't seem to get enough romping, jumping, fetching, and splashing. We exercise our clients out with sticks and tennis balls. All participants must get along well with a variety of other dogs, be voice-command trained and totally trustworthy off leash, and of course they must be good swimmers! 



Service Areas

Monday: Northwest

Tuesday: South Waterfront

Wednesday: Northwest

Thursday: Downtown/ South Park Blocks

Friday: South Waterfront



Morning: Running

Mid-Day: Swimming

Afternoon: Hiking


Group Adventures (Drop off at your neighborhood park): $54


Walking pick up at your home, within 4 blocks of the neighborhood park pickup location:  Additional $5

Driving pick up at your home, within the neighborhood: Additional $8

Biathlon (two adventures in one day): $74

Triathlon (three adventures in one day): $94

Private adventures: $79

All-Day Adventure to the Gorge or Coast: $75

2nd dog from same household on group adventures is 1/2 off!

Meet n' Greet: $15