Urban Mushing/ Running

Some dogs love to run. Hard. They need it to feel healthy and balanced. Our clients run and jog next to our sturdy, low-clearance recumbent trikes on Portland's beautiful bike and pedestrian paths so that they can get the exercise they need. This is the most high-intensity activity we offer and all dogs come home ready for a long nap. Most dogs run anywhere from 6-12 miles! Those who participate must do well with voice commands so that all participants stay safe. We cater to our clients and make sure everyone has adequate rest/bathroom breaks and water. 


Dogs love to hike... especially off leash! Sniffing all the scents, meeting other dogs and people, exploring new places... it's a dog's dream-come-true! We take our clients to the best dog-friendly hiking trails that Portland and The Gorge have to offer! All participants must have good recall and get along well with others.

Swimming & Fetching

Water-loving dogs can't seem to get enough romping, jumping, fetching, and splashing. We exercise our clients using sticks and tennis balls. All participants must get along well with a variety of other dogs, be voice-command trained and totally trustworthy off leash, and of course they must be good swimmers!

Adventure Boarding

Staying at a kennel is alright, having a dog sitter is nice, but adventure boarding is pawsome! Not only do dog guests have their very own dog loft, they go on adventures every day of their stay! Price includes pick up, drop off, feeding, regular walks, an adventure, a dog bed, a crate if needed, and tons and tons of love. When a dog stays at Wild Pup Adventure, they are part of the family.


Understanding our dogs can be a daunting and stressful task. It's too bad humans don't often speak their language. Don't worry, Toby can help translate for you! Toby strives to make communication between companions clear, consistent, and compassionate. Using mindful methods, she helps with basic behavioral training. This can be a life-changing experience and one that might ensure a beautiful relationship that lasts the lifetime of your pet. Each session is created just for you and Toby is available to support you throughout your multi-week process. Training comes in packages of 4 or 8 sessions.