About Wild Pup Adventure

We take dogs on hiking, swimming, and running adventures. Our philosophy is that a tired dog is a good and happy dog. Exercise relieves anxiety, keeps pets healthy, and helps with all kinds of behavior issues. Many people work long hours and struggle during the work-week to provide adequate exercise. We help our clients by taking this responsibility off their shoulders so that they can come home to a tired dog.

We do all that we can to ensure our clients are happy, healthy, and safe. We maximize your dogs experience by making sure each dog is a good fit for our services prior to taking him or her on an outing. We require that owners submit health and emergency information in order to be accepted. All clients are asked to make a minimum 4 session commitment, although our new dogs typically become weekly clients. This ensures that "the pack" gets along well and gives us the ability to maximize your and your dog's experiences. All clients receive an email summary and virtual photo album after each adventure. 

The dogs are in good hands: Toby is a Wilderness First Responder and is Pet First Aid certified. We are licensed, bonded, and insured through Pet Sitters Associates. The times for our services are an approximate because we pick up and drop off our clients at various locations and the pace we set during our activities is based on the dog's needs. We transport our clients in our company SUV, which can accommodate up to five dogs at a time. 

Dog Walking Toby Joy Zelt and Pup Dog hiking, swimming, running adventures

About Pup and Toby

Pup is the inspiration behind Wild Pup Adventure. Toby found Pup on the streets of Baltimore 13 years ago and they've been inseparable ever since, traveling all over North America together and doing as much as possible as a team on a daily basis. For instance, Pup commuted to work with Toby by running next to her bike. Together, they have backpacked some of our country's most beautiful natural places. They spent 6 months camping and hiking the wilderness surrounding Portland. One memorable local experience was climbing Mt. Adams together. Toby is an entrepreneur with a background in spiritual education and administration of non-profits and schools. After 15 years working in those sectors, she made the decision to do something entirely new, joyful, fulfilling and peaceful. She started Wild Pup Adventure to combine a few of her passions: dogs, nature, and exercise. Now, every day is a fun adventure!