We do all that we can to ensure our clients are happy, healthy, and safe. WPA maximizes your dog’s experience by making sure each participant is a good fit for our services prior to taking him or her on an outing. Owners are required to submit health and emergency information in order to be accepted. Our new clients quickly become weekly adventurers and receive a discount. This commitment ensures that "the pack" gets along well and gives us the ability to maximize your and your dog's experiences. All clients receive a summary and access to our photo albums after each adventure. The dogs are in good hands: Toby is a Wilderness First Responder and is Pet First Aid certified. WPA is licensed, bonded, and insured through Pet Sitters Associates.


The times for our services are an approximate, typically beginning at 11am, because we pick up and drop off our clients at various locations and the pace we set during our activities are based on the needs of the pack. We transport our clients in our company SUV. The pack leaders are available to families via phone and text so long as we are within cell range. We charge clients after each adventure using our client portal, where your personal information is encrypted. Our prices for weekly adventures are $59-65 and we offer discounts for pre-paid packages.

Compatibility & Risks

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How do I know if my dog is a good match for these activities and groups?

We assess your dog during the Meet N Greet. Contact us to set up an appointment. Meet N Greets are $15-20, depending on the location. We always take great care in placing your dog in the appropriate group, everything we do is customized based on your dog’s needs. We will give you honest feedback about their adventures and let you know how much your dog is enjoying it and getting along with the group.

Are there dogs you will not work with?

If a dog runs away and does not respond to recall commands, we will not be able to take them on adventures. If the dog is working on improving their recall, but is not 100% perfect, the group situation will help them in their training because dogs typically want to stay where the party is. We do not work with dogs who have aggressive tenancies towards other dogs or people or dogs who have great fear or anxiety in the car or in small spaces. If a dog is not yet fixed, we cannot work with a female in heat or a male who harasses other dogs. If there is play that concerns us, such as neck grabs or shaking, we will notify the clients and determine whether it’s safe to keep them in a group.

What are the risks that I would need to accept for these activities?

We take the dogs to natural places, which could mean that dogs interact with, among other things, the elements, other animals, and people. Sometimes dogs can experience paw injuries in snow, on gravel or concrete, or be cut by stepping on something sharp. You may always buy them paw protection booties if this is a concern for you. Dogs will be off leash, swimming, and playing in a group. We do everything possible and within reason to keep dogs safe, but they are animals and we cannot control their behavior 100%. When you send your dog on adventures, you assume these and other risks. On the plus side, we have all 5-star reviews and have a 100% positive feedback rating from our clients.

Adventure Details

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When is pick up and drop off? 

We begin picking up the dogs each day by 10am. They get dropped off after the adventure usually between 4:30 and 6:30. Our times are flexible due to all of the factors involved, such as adventure length, location for the adventure, and how many other dogs we pick up and where they live.

What is the current weekly adventure schedule?

Tuesdays & Wednesdays: Hike/swim/fetch/run/wrestle for dogs adolescent and older dogs. Thursdays: Urban Mushing for team runners. Fridays: Hike/swim/run/play/fetch for puppies (under 1.5 years), small dogs, or older dogs.

Who will be working with my dog? 

Toby Joy is the owner of the company and she is regularly with the groups. Emilie will also work with your dog, picking them up and taking them on adventures. Read about Toby and Emilie in the About section. Wild Pup Adventure is a small, local, woman-owned, vegan business.

Are you insured? 

Yes, we are bonded, licenced, and insured. Also, pet first aid certified and Toby is a Wilderness First Responder.


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How does billing work? 

You set up a profile in our client portal, where your card is encrypted. We charge it the same amount each week after your dog's adventure. 

What else comes with the services? 

Towel off, car safety, training reinforcement, a full album of pictures on our Facebook page each day, text communication with pictures and us letting you know how things are going throughout the day, treats, poo bags, and all the love in the world.

What is the cost? 

$59-65 per day based on where the client lives.

What is your cancellation policy? 

All dogs go out on their one or more adventure day(s) per week. If you will be on vacation, let us know ahead of time, over 48hrs and there is no charge. 24-48hrs notice is 50% charge and <24hrs is 100% charge.