Free Your Wild Pup.

Let Us do All of the work.

Smile At the Pics.


Our Promises to Our Clients

1. Heart-Centered Relationships: As values-based, small, local, woman-owned vegan business, Toby and Emilie love and care for our family of Wild Pups as we do our own dogs.

2. Honoring Each Wild Pup as an Individual: All dogs are deeply feeling beings with unique interests, needs, and preferences. We customize each experience for them.

3. Providing the highest quality and most unique services possible to bring ease and enrichment to the lives of our Wild Pups and their families

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Thank you for working with my high energy, strong girl. Pulling the recumbent trike at a full run was exactly what she needed. I highly recommend Wild Pup Adventure.
— Karen
My dog waits by the door for her next adventure.
— Lori