Wild Pup Adventure was created because of the 14 year bond between Pup and Toby. Pup spent her final months of life going on daily adventures with Toby and it changed both of them forever... read more...

Wild Pup Adventure takes energetic dogs on half-day hiking, swimming, and running adventures. We pick up, drop off, and towel off your dog. We provide everything your dog needs for a safe, personalized, fun experience. All you need to provide is a leash, collar and harness. Our philosophy is that a tired dog is a good and happy dog. We also offer boarding in our home with adventures included.

Exercise relieves anxiety, helps with numerous behavior issues, and improves overall physical health. Many people work long hours and struggle during the work-week to provide adequate exercise. We help our clients by taking this responsibility off of their shoulders so that they can come home to a tired dog without lifting a finger.

The dogs are in good hands. Toby is a Wilderness First Responder and is Pet First Aid certified. We are licensed, bonded, and insured through Pet Sitters Associates. The times for our services are an approximate because we pick up and drop off our clients at various locations and our pace is set based on each dog's needs and abilities. We transport our clients in our company SUV, which can accommodate up to five dogs at a time. 

We maximize your dogs experience by speaking or meeting with you to make sure your dog is a good fit for our services prior to taking him or her on an outing. All owners are required to submit health and emergency information in order to be accepted into our program.

We offer one session to give it a try and after that we request that you become a member for 3, 6 or 12 months. This ensures that "the pack" gets along well and gives us the ability to maximize the benefits for you and your dog. All memberships recieve a 5-15% discount on services. All clients receive an email summary and photos after each service provided. 


Services: Half-Day Adventures, Boarding and Training


Urban Mushing/ Running

Some dogs love to run. Hard. They need it to feel healthy and balanced. Our clients run and jog next to our sturdy, low-clearance recumbent trikes on Portland's beautiful bike and pedestrian paths so that they can get the exercise they need. This is the most high-intensity activity we offer and all dogs come home ready for a long nap. Most dogs run anywhere from 6-12 miles! Those who participate must do well with voice commands so that all participants stay safe. All dogs are actively engaged in this activity for at least 2 hours and we return in about 4. We cater to our clients and make sure everyone has adequate rest/bathroom breaks and water.  $59-62 per adventure. Regular clients get a 5-15% discount.


Dogs love to hike... especially off leash! Sniffing all the scents, meeting other dogs and people, exploring new places... it's a dog's dream-come-true! We take our clients to the best dog-friendly hiking trails that Portland and The Gorge have to offer! All participants must have good recall and get along well with others. Hiking time is at least 2 hours and we return in about 4. $59-62 per adventure. Regular clients get a 5-15% discount.

Swimming & Fetching

Water-loving dogs can't seem to get enough romping, jumping, fetching, and splashing. We exercise our clients using sticks and tennis balls. All participants must get along well with a variety of other dogs, be voice-command trained and totally trustworthy off leash, and of course they must be good swimmers! The adventure lasts 2 hours at least and we return in aproximately 4. $59-62 per adventure.  Regular clients get a 5-15% discount.

Adventure Boarding

Staying at a kennel is alright, having a dog sitter is nice, but adventure boarding is pawsome! Not only do dog guests have their very own dog loft, they go on adventures every day of their stay! Price includes pick up, drop off, feeding, regular walks, an adventure, a dog bed, a crate if needed, and tons and tons of love. When a dog stays at Wild Pup Adventure, they are part of the family. $125 for 24hr stay.



Understanding our dogs can be a daunting and stressful task. It's too bad humans don't often speak their language. Don't worry, Toby can help translate for you! Toby strives to make communication between companions clear, consistent, and compassionate. Using mindful methods, she helps with basic behavioral training. This can be a life-changing experience and one that might ensure a beautiful relationship that lasts the lifetime of your pet. Each session is created just for you and Toby is available to support you throughout your multi-week process. Training comes in packages of 4 or 8 sessions and costs $82 for puppies under 2 and $79 for adult dogs.

Dog Walking Toby Joy Zelt and Pup Dog hiking, swimming, running adventures


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Dog hiking in Forest Park. Wild Pup Adventure Dog Walking, Hiking, Swimming, Running adventures in Portland, Oregon. Also offering Pet-Sitting, Pet-Photography, and Training!
Dog hiking at Gabriel Park in Southwest Portland. Wild Pup Adventure Dog Walking, Hiking, Swimming, Running adventures in Portland, Oregon. Also offering Pet-Sitting, Pet-Photography, and Training!
Toby is so great with our extremely active guy - he adores her and I love him coming home worn out. I can’t say enough good things about Wild Pup Adventure!
— Sherron
My dog returned home from her running adventure happy and tired. Thank you for working with my high energy, strong girl. Pulling the recumbent trike at a full run was exactly what she needed. I highly recommend Wild Pup Adventure.
— Karen
I have been working with Toby for over a month now on Buddy’s aggression issues and let me tell you what a difference it has made! Toby is so focused and driven on helping you and your dog become the best partnership that you can be! She really does put her all into each session that is scheduled, and she goes above and beyond as well.... but I won’t disclose too much information... find out for yourself!
— Kara
Toby took wonderful care of my best friend. He had an amazing and active day, and she was responsive throughout the day. I got a very thorough report when I came to pick him up about his health and behavior. Big Boy was happy and pooped from his great day with his new friends. I highly recommend Toby and Pup for your canine pal.
— Dmitra
Thank you again for taking such great care of our youngster Cocoa, and her old side kick, Jasper, and our semi-wild kitty Spice. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts over 10 days to keep them comfortable, happy, and well exercised. We were so pleased with your promptness, your detail orientation, and your sincere love of animals. We were delighted with your perfect response to the untimely, urgent situation that required your full focused attention wherein you responded promptly, well prepared, and with much tact and diplomacy. An awesome, resourceful outcome to a very challenging, difficult situation. Our animals could not have been in better care, and we are grateful for your ability to manage complexity, and keep us informed. Cocoa’s response when you visited again says it all – she greeted you with a bear hug, her tail wagging in a great big smile of love. Job done splendidly!
— Lori
Toby must have been a dog in her past life. She has an affinity and love for them that is unparalleled. She is great with dogs and all animals.
— Whitney
While I was away, I sent my dog on four Wild Pup Adventures to keep him occupied and happy. I was blown away by the pictures of the activities that he was engaged in with Toby. Marley had a great vacation and didn’t miss me one bit. When I got home from my trip, he was satisfied and tired from all he’d done. I felt great knowing that my best friend had such great experiences. It took away my guilt in leaving him.
— Tom
Toby made things so easy and relaxing for us and our two 14-year old dogs! She communicated very well, asked questions and made us feel at ease that our dogs and our home were well taken care of. We got updates and photos and can’t wait to schedule with her again!
— Anish
Toby was great with my 9 month old puppy, she really tailored the experience specifically to my dog and I loved the daily updates! As a new dog mom I was nervous about going out of town, but I knew I was leaving her in great hands. Highly recommended!
— Madaline
It’s clear to see the deep love for animals that Toby has, and the exuberance she shows dogs. She’s super active and outdoorsy too, and is always taking dogs outside and playing with them and taking them on hikes. She fundamentally understands the needs of dogs, and takes joy in caring for them.
— Joshua
Toby a dog whisperer. She is awesome with my dogs! She got to know them so quickly and knew how to work with their individual quirks. I always feel like they are in great hands with her and would highly recommend her to anyone!
— Jessica